Detailed Garden Maintenance

Outdoor Solutions Group will go the extra mile to solve all of your outdoor needs. We offer an array of detail services and can create an individualized maintenance plan, whether it be for for ongoing services or for special occasions. The following list is not exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to ask for solutions to other outdoor problems.

Detail weeding and bed maintenance

  • Though mulch and weed preventers will help prevent most unwanted plants, weeds will always find a way into your beds. Sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly weeding sessions to keep your beds immaculate. This will include any light pruning or deadheading of plants as well as removal of any garbage or debris. Technician will also identify any disease or pest issues.

Care for potted plants and other annuals

  • Annuals in pots or in beds are a great source of color and vibrancy for any outdoor space, but they need a little extra care to look their best. Outdoor Solutions Group can maintain these plants by watering, fertilizing and deadheading annuals.

Plant Sitting

  • Going out of town and need someone to look after your plants and property? OSG will send a technician to ensure plants, including vegetable gardens, are watered and there are no problems waiting for you when you get home.

Storm clean-up

  • Severe weather can bring down large limbs or trees. We can remove them from your property and clean-up any other storm debris.

Ground-cover maintenance

  • Keep ivy or other ground covers off your house and sidewalks and away from landscape plants or other features
  • Periodic fertilization to maintain plant health and vigor

Vegetable and herb gardens

  • Create an outdoor growing space with our help. From tilling and planting to fertilizing, Outdoor Solutions Group can do it all.