Specialized Solutions

Outdoor Solutions Group can accomplish numerous additional tasks, projects, and chores for you. Below are some examples of several of the additional solutions we regularly provide. Give us a call if your Honey-Do list is getting out of hand.

Party Preparation and Clean-up

  • Whether it be a family get together or a graduation party, our staff can help set-up or clean-up your outdoor space. From sprucing up your landscape to decorating, we will help prepare your space so you can focus on your family and friends.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture and Grills

  • Make sure your furniture and grill are always ready to be used by allowing our staff to professionally clean them.

Deck and Patio Washing

  • Any outdoor space can look unkempt as dirt, dust, mildew build up. Outdoor Solutions Group can get decks and patios looking like new. Frequently using a detergent and elbow grease nets a better result than power washing alone.

Pool Services and Spa Services

  • In conjunction with local pool companies, allow us to clean and maintain your pool. This includes vacuuming and skimming pool debris as well as professionally adjusting pool chemistry to keep your pool clean, safe and running well.

Cleaning eave troughs and outdoor drains

  • Make sure your eave troughs and drains are functioning properly by removing a build-up of leaves and debris. Periodic inspection and cleaning helps prevent costly backups.

Spraying weeds

  • Eliminate weeds in cracks, maintenance strips and other nuisance areas.

Spraying of poison ivy

  • Nothing can detract from an enjoyable outdoor experience than a bad case of poison ivy. Allow us to identify and treat poison ivy on your property. Typically, a two-step treatment will resolve the problem.